Why Racing Ready?

Upon reviewing all that is the Internet, there are many auto racing sites dedicated to both the new and exprienced car racing fan and racer.  Many driving/racing schools,  products to purchase and so on.

What I have found missing is a place to give the racing beginner/competitor some general to specific guidance – to get & be ready.  This is for those that want to start and/or continue amateur racing, up to the level one wants to and can afford.  We’re going to take this one step at a time…I hope you’ll come along with me.

I will have to admit that there is an alterior motive for doing this.  I’ve always wanted to compete in a car racing environment (I even mentioned it in a job interview, once).  As I learn and find resources, I will share and help to make this do-able.  This will push me forward, and bring you along if you’d like.

Bare with me as I get up to speed with this blogging process.  The blog will generally evolve and (hopefully) settle down in the next few weeks or so.  Of course, there will be an associated website.  That’s something I can already do, as seen at DosKas Website Design.  Any feedback will be most welcome – thanks!

So, let’s get going and hang on for the ride!!!

P.S. – The next post will have some pix of the 2008 Southwest Solo Divisional #2 I attended this morning – can’t wait to download & share…

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2 thoughts on “Why Racing Ready?”

  1. Well done, Dan, on the setup. I’ve finally got back home and settled in enough to take a peek. I’ll be adding this to my feed as I prepare the Alfa for similar competition here in Oz (and yeah, we call them Motorkhana here).

  2. Great to see your comment, my 1st. I just got my Google Analytics set up yesterday & I’ve actually gotten some traffic – who knew? I’ll need to continue to work this forward to make this blog “stickier”!

    Motokhanas I can understands, but witches-hats – no way!

    Thanks for adding my blog to your feed. Now I know I’ll at least 1 consistent reader. 🙂


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