Where to start?

Yesterday I introduced  the SCCA & NASA, the two major sanctioning organizations for getting amateur racers into the sport.

It is within these two organizations you can find their corresponding local chapters, or at least within your region.

  • Within the SCCA website, you can click on “Find Your Region” to drill down and find the local specific region, go to their website, and see what events/meetings their region has to offer.  Then, go from there.
  • On the NASA site, at the top of the site, just above NASA News, there is a “JUMP TO:” box, with ‘Select Regional SIte’ already selected.  Choose your region and then navigate to your location.  Again, see what they have to offer.

Each part of the country will vary.  In fact, in San Antonio, the active autocross organization, SASCA (San Antonio Sports Car Association) is not affiliated with either of these two organizations.  What I did was simply do was a Google search (or use your favorite search engine) using ‘autocross’ and your city, and/or area of country name as the search terms.  That should help you to find out what’s available in your area of the country.


Good luck searching – let me know what you have found in the comments section…

Are your Racing Ready?

P.S. – Got the sweeping checker graphic in the header in place of the previous default sunset – you like?  I do… 🙂

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