Autosports Country Clubs

I’ve noticed within the last year or two the growth in the concept and actual reality of what I call Autosports Country Clubs.  These are very nicely & professionally prepared race tracks, many times with multiple racing configurations.  They offer high dollar, I feel, exclusive access to the facilities with access to many weekends of track time (once you pay the membership fee and usual montlhy “dues”).  Many have lots to purchase for real estate development, for race tack homes with multicar garages.

I’m sure (my assumption, of course) that these are mostly catered to the wealthy who want to “play race car driver” on the weekends, with their European supercars that can’t be properly stretched withing the confines of our US highway Interstate system (no autobahns here!).

Here is a quote from a prospectus of one autosports country club that never was able to raise sufficient funding:

A sports-car country club is geared not to the professional racer, but to an owner of a sports car who wants a place to race it.

I have yet to visit any in reality.  Here on the Internet, via a website experience, pales to the real experience in person.  I have read some of these tracks are starting to offer some specific “outsider” access on weekends not already occupied by their owners.

What I’m trying to say, here, is that I don’t see the up & coming autosports competitor being part of this CC crowd.  But shoot, I certainly wouldn’t turn down any invitation to one.

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