My youngest daughter just graduated from high school this afternoon.
Congratulation, mija!  This has given me pause to think about graduation. 


Graduation cap 


Graduation is a recognized step of growth showing the world that you have achieved a certain level of accomplishment.  I feel, with my introductory forays into autocrossing about 15 years ago, that I am beyond kindergarten, but only firmly established in the racing equivalent of elementary school.


I can look at this situation two ways: 

  1. I’ve a long way to go & know so little.
  2. I’ve actually gotten started and have so much fun and accomplishment to look forward to in the world of motorsports, amateur or otherwise. 

I’m sure it is obvious that the second statement is the way to be thinking.  That’s what I’m feeling and I strongly suggest the same for you. 


Since I’m in the process of getting active, again, I’m looking to see which local organization to get involved in.  Yesterday, I mentioned my local autosports organization called SASCA.  I’m thinking of “getting my feet wet” with them.  They autocross monthly and do some other events, as well. 


You, too, can do the same.  I’d suggest Googling the word ‘autocross’ along with your city or region name.  Why autocross?  I feel it’s the easiest, the cheapest, the closest and most available entry into motorsports – it well let you know quickly if this is a hobby or passion you will want to pursue further. 


TTFN – are you Racing Ready ?

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