Vehicle Options to Race

Regardless of what club or organization you eventually decide to choose, more importantly, you need a vehicle!  Recently, I’ve been reading a number of articles about the ride you will be enjoying and learning toward your goal – to be a successful racing competitor.

Here’s a variety of race vehicle options to choose from:

  • make use of your daily driver & modify as needed, while still keeping it street legal (good for starting out with autocrossing, HPDE’s & PDX’s)
  • buy a sound junker to invest and modify to a competative racing vehicle (reading Dave Gran’s “Go Ahead – Take the Wheel” is an excellent primer at following this path, and a good read)
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  • buy a used, already modified race car of the class in which you would prefer to compete
  • make the decision to get into spec racing; this is usually a series where you purchase an equally prepared vehicle from the factory and race in that spec series – the most recent one here is the U.S.A. is the Ford Racing Mustang Challenge for the Miller Cup
  • arrive & drive (sometimes called a “rent a racer” series of racing), where you own (or rent for the weekend) the car but most everything is done for you – here’s an example
  • you can even learn the fundamental basics of race car handling control at a karting event or clinic – that’s how Michael Schumacher & many other F1 & Indy Car drivers started

There may be other variations, but these seem to be most of them.  There are a lot of choices and the possiblity of many funds spent.  I think the majority of prospective, starting race car drivers (“wannabe racer” sounds so negative, but it takes up less space) will start out at the top of this list.  You can move forward as you develop and grow in your autosports passion pursuit.

Are you Racing Ready ?

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Lots of good, helpful good stuff!
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