Oxymoronic “Racer”

I came across this silly example of using race car themes to attract business – “racing limos”.  Visiting their website here is silly also.  I’ll save you the effort show two quick shots:

Here’s a sedan…

Racing Limo Sedan

Here’s a truck…

Racing Limo Pickup Truck

The only thing racing about these is the NASCAR-esque paint jobs.  Otherwise they’re just limos.  Inside they are fitted out in the traditional, but garish style of a limo.   But ya gotta admit, they do have drawing power.  I had seen 2 racing sedan limos outside of a nightclub in town, and there were more than the average amount of people flocking around these vehicles.

I can speak with some authority about this as I’ve been a part-time limo driver on weekends for some time.  This is what I was driving today: 

Stretch Excursion (14 foot)

Other weekends I drive this: 

Stretch Lincoln (10 foot)

These are both traditional limos.  This is not a job I really like, but it does help to pay the bills.  It is because of this weekend responsibility that I probably won’t normally post on Saturdays.  Today was an exception as I finished early.

Tomorrow I’ll be back onto more a appropriate Racing Ready theme.


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