Back to Basics – a website “teaser”

I have already mentioned in a past post that I’ll be putting together a “sister” (or brother?) website to compliment this blog.  It will address the following three main, general categories:

  1. Driving Skills (racing schools & events), physical conditioning (proper exercise specific to the racing competitor) & mental “tuning” of the driver
  2. Personal protective equipment (things you will want to be wearing in the event the unplanned “racing incident” happens).  We’re talking helmets (the most basic necesity you will be required to use/own), and all other categories of race wear gear (gloves, shoes, race suit, Nomex undergarments, and so on…)
  3. Car/racing vehicle upgrades and modifications, starting from the simple but effective air filter, on up.  This is a huge area that can lead you astray & to the poorhouse if you’re not careful.

Dave Gran, author of “Go Ahead – Take the Wheel“, mentions many times in his book that the most cost effective improvements you can make to race more competatively is to invest in yourself.  That is, to attend proper training & schooling.  So I think that’s where I’ll start.

It’ll be a project that I’ve seen dealt with in a variety of ways on the Internet.  Hopefully I can provide a good guide that is both effective, fresh and has a user-friendliness to it.

I have some excellent copyrighted material that I would love to be able to quote from.  This is authored by a respected driving school owner who sponsored a comprehensive conference in 1993.  I met with him (& others) whose genuine concern for proper driving preparation and responsibility are paramount (especially for the teen driver!).  Today I sent him an e-mail requesting his permission to use parts of his copyrighted work on the blog & in the future website.  We shall see.  I feel the content is of excellent and unique value to all of all who participate in autosports.

A teaser carrot

Boy, if that isn’t holding out a carrot, I don’t know what is… 🙂

Are you Racing Ready ?

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