A Mentor

I am planning to hook up with my local autocross group, SASCA (San Antonio SportsCar Association), and start participating.  Although I don’t have a worthy vehicle (yet) to participate, I want to learn the ways of the road, so to speak.  So, what I’ll be doing is perusing their Forum (that’s basically what their web presence is).

So what’s this about a mentor?  Am I going into some sort of great scholarly pursuit?  Well, I’ll not be going in academic circles, but starting up the learning staircase of autosports.  I feel autocrossing is the best, easiest, least expensive, & usually the closest methods to get started is through autocrossing.  As a new participant, I’ll be making aquaintences, asking questions, going to autocross events (next one is this Sunday, 6/22) and also their monthly meetings.

Bottom line – I’m going to find a new friend (a mentor) who can nuture and guide me, as I learn (as a mentee), garnering advice as to what its all about.  After having participated in a couple of events, I’m sure get the hang of it, even though I’m not a complete virgin (having autocrossed about 15 years ago).

Some of you readers might be getting the impression that this is an autocrossing blog.  Well, as I start this, it sort of is.  But as I evolve, so will the content of this blog & the future associated website.  I am using autocrossing as a foundation to build my knowledge & skills – to start into autosports.  I do plan on going onto more serious events, and with a somewhat/somehow modified car – but ya gotta start somewhere!

Now, to pursuse that Forum some more…

Are you Racing Ready ?

P.S. – I was playing with some clip art and tweaked an image I found to make it my own – its simple but fun and appropriate for this site.

Racing Ready Checkered Flag

P.P.S. – I finally downloaded & started setting up some files to built the website.  I’ll have to reverse engineer a freebie template, and I’ll learn more about CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)…

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