Change of Vehicle Excuse

With the skyrocketing price of gas lately, it is starting to make more sense to look for a more economical vehicle.  Its also a great excuse to seriously consider looking for a well-regarded vehicle to not only use as a daily driver, but to start autocrossing.  My current vehicle, a  2000 Nissan Maxima SE 5-speed, in its day the best mileage was about 24mpg.  I’m currently getting about 25% less than that now – due to a missfiring problem that could be an investment to fix.

There are a number of competative vehicles out there.  Here is some text lifted directly from the SCCA website Solo (aka Autocross) page to better guide you:

 Street Tire Category  This category is intended for the person “off the street” who had performed common hot-rodding bolt on improvements. The National Classes include STS, STS2, STX, and STU. Most of these cars are used on the street as daily drivers (thus the name for the category) and they must run on DOT legal Street tires. These are truly Street tires and not the DOT race tires you will find in the other categories. Most of the cars in this category are driven to the event on these tires.

Stock Category  This class is comprised of 9 classes, SS and from AS to HS, divided according to performance potential and car type, covering everything from Corvettes to Corollas. Cars are essentially as they rolled off the showroom floor with some generally, minor modifications allowed to expendable parts as defined in the Solo Rule Book and must run on a Street Legal DOT legal Race tires. These race tires, although DOT legal, are truly intended for racing purposes only and are generally hauled down to the event 

That gives you a surefire idea that you can “run what you brung”. 

Here’s a webpage listing, “SCCA Solo II Car Classes: Stock Category, Sorted by Make” :  I won’t reproduce the list here as its very long & it works better to see the extensive variety of car choices online.

So, go ahead, start looking…I’m looking at something in the subcompact range of size.  You can also look at the car listing sorted by class:

This should be more than enough to keep you busy.

I’m starting to get excited about attending my frist local autocross event in years, this coming Sunday.  There is a possible forecast for rain (which we dearly need) that would make it even more interesting.

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