I’m back!

Gee its HOT here in South Texas!

I just got back from a few hours of attending the local SASCA autocross event.  I was told there were over 74 cars registered!  Things have sure come a long way since I autocrossed 15 years ago.  I think we were lucky to get 25 to 30 cars.

I do apologize for being away for 2 days of no posting.  Was due to event events in my life:  my 2nd daughter’s graduation party (have to close up the computer cabinet tight when guests are over), and last night due to working very late “limo-ing”, my weekend job).  But I’m back!

So, this is just a short post – I’ll download, edit & tweak some of the pix I took and post them, and provide some observations and insights, hopefully later today.

Are you Racing Ready ?

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