SASCA Autocross Jun-08

Today was the June autocross event of SASCA (San Antonio Sportscar Association).  These events currently take place on one of the large parking lots of the AT&T Center complex (where the San Antono Spurs play).

SASCA pan 1

It was a clear hot day.  I was there from a little after 11am and stayed till almost 2pm.  I was told there were at least 74(!) cars signed up for this event.  That was a wonderful turnout.  Thank goodness for the ability to have up to 3 cars out on the course at the same time.

SASCA pan 2

Here is a a view of the course map – lots of chicanes!
~ ^ ~ ^ ~ ^ ~ ^ ~ ^ ~ ^ ~ ^ ~ ^ ~ ^ ~ ^ ~ ^ ~ ^ ~ ^ ~ ^ ~

Course map layout

I met an acquaintence who I first got to know 2 weeks ago at the Pearsall Solo II Divisional event.  His name is Jerry, and he drives a 1990 Mazda Miata competatively in the E Stock class.  This is his ride:

Jerry in position to start
Jerry\'s Miata, front
Jerry\'s Miata, rear

He is an active member of Texas SPOKES Sports Car Club, an influential Austin area autocross club.  They have many autocross events at the San Antonio Raceway & he suggested I go to one of their next ones (it’ll be July 13th, & July 20th will be the next SASCA event).  He also generously offered to let me ride along on a run later that afternoon.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stick around till then – that would have been awesome & really lit my fire…  I’ll take a raincheck, Jerry!

Here’a shot of the equipment used for marking the cone locations – no bending over as much with the sheetrock (as opposed to using chalk!).

Sophisticated cone marking equipment

Someone brought this scary-serious looking cart.  Wow, only 1″ of ground clearance and no wasted space.  Everyting on this little beast had its own dedicated spot – even the LCD readout is mounted on the steering wheel.

Scary serious cart, front view
Scary serious cart, back view

This Lotus Exige was sweet!

Sweet Lotus Exige - just exuding fast!

And, last but not least, here’s a montage of sporty subcompacts making it through the last corner (and ignoring that stop sign 😉 ).

Last corner montage

That’s all for tonight – more tomorrow…

Are you Racing Ready ?

P. S. – Yes, I messed up my nice template, with the cool checked logo – back to the drawing board…

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