3M Blue Painters Tape

What do 3M blue painters tape and racing vehicles have to do with each other, you ask?  Well, it dawned on me this morning that nobody uses white shoe polish anymore.

Even more confused?!?

When I last autocrossed in the early 1990’s, autocross competitors used white shoe polish to mark their car’s number and competition class, most always on the left rear window.  Today’s budget answer is 3M bue painers tape, and cheap enough to do on both sides.  Its easy to apply, to see & easy to remove.

Here are some examples from yesterday’s SASCA autocross:

Others have gone upscale and use magnetic vinyl, easily removeable letters and numbers in a variety of shapes and contrasting colors.  Examples:

And some are more commited with adhesive vinyl that stays on after the event, and through your week, to show your true colors!

So, how do you want to be indentified?

Are you Racing Ready ?

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