Authoritative, Experienced People Essential

Today I received a pleasant surprise. Before leaving the SASCA autocross event, Jerry (the 1990 Miata 8 SE owner/driver) & I exchanged e-mail addresses and I gave him this blog address. Reading my e-mail today he said he was pleasantly surprised, even honored, to read about himself in the blog. It will be interesting to see what other comments he has as he reads the rest of these past 2 weeks of entries.

This confirms what I felt in my gut about Jerry, I’ve met my mentor!

Within Jerry’s e-mail, he provided some awesome links for me to review.  I share those with you here:

The Driveway, an Austin, TX based racing school. Here you will further your driving skills beyond driving in a timed event that lasts only about a minute across a parking lot with cones. In other words, it gets you to evolve beyond autocross competition, to HPDEs (high performance driving events).

A variety of autocross videos that Jerry has taken from his driving perspective.

Harris Hill Road, a San Marcos, TX based road track that is slowly building memberships and eventually will be like one of those “Motorsports Country Club” venues I wrote about.

A lot of good material to enjoy – I did, & I hope you do, too!

This goes to show you, authoritative, experienced people are essential. I have counted on the Internet as a great source of information, but meeting and talking with people puts it all in perspective. Now the Internet knowledge of becoming a perspective racer, instead of a wannabe, is becoming more real.

My final thought: Do this!  Get out there to some local events and just start talking with people. Everyone I’ve met at an autocross event is very helpful and wanting to share their knowledge & advice. It’ll get you closer to Racing Ready!!!

Are you Racing Ready ?

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3 thoughts on “Authoritative, Experienced People Essential”

  1. Loved Jerry’s videos. It’s amazing how the perspective changes between forward and rearward facing cameras. Enjoyable stuff.

  2. Swade, glad you enjoyed those videos.

    To all of you who don’t know Swade, he’s a wonderful Aussie (Tasmanian, actually) who is passionate about the SAAB brand of automobile, past & present. He is one of the few who has inspired my entry into the blogger world.

    Go check his blog – – it’s addictive!

  3. Thanks again Dan! Come find me at the SAR event and I’ll be happy to give you a ride and introduce you to a few other people who wouldn’t mind either. That should make sure the bug has bitten hard 😉

    Cool blog and keep it up – it’ll be interesting to see how it progresses over time!

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