Gaining Critical Mass

I’m happy to state that this blog is beginning to gain some momentum.  I know I have a few faithful readers.  And, if word of mouth is working, I’ll have some more.  Please feel free to continue leaving comments!

It is an interesting feeling to have a written forum to share my thoughts and events leading to becoming Racing Ready, myself.  I DO feel a responsibility to keep this going not only for myself, but for others out there, who like me want to fulfill that racing urge they’ve always had.

So, my turn to pose a question to you, dear reader: How goes your path?

I have suggested to start looking using your favorite search engine.  Find a local autosports event, whether it be autocross, motorkhana or other such event.  Look for forums regarding these social events and clubs.  Go ahead, just “lurk” on those forums or even register and participate online.  You can ask questions and find out if the event you plan on visiting is right for you.  Then, go to these events as a spectator.  The participants will be helpful and glad to answer your questions, and more.

In a comment posted on yesterday’s entry, Jerry (my new autocross mentor/friend) had this to say:

Come find me at the SAR event and I’ll be happy to give you a ride and introduce you to a few other people who wouldn’t mind either.  That should make sure the bug has bitten hard. 😉

Field of Cones

Well, you know I’ll be there.  SAR is the local San Antonio Raceway, a relatively new, modern drag racing facility, that also hosts autocross events.  This event will be on Sunday, July 13th.  Till then I’m going to have to mentally practice learning to be an autocross passenger.  Re-watching those videos Jerry sent me will help (they are posted on yesterday’s entry).  Also, I will need to be prepared to stay all day.  It would be a good thing to assist as a volunteer worker, to help picking up stray cones as they get hit, etc.  I’m sure I’d hear some good shop talk & also some interesting “bench racing”.

Therefore, look around & get involved.  You have to take that first step!

As for me, I’ll be looking ahead – I know the “bug” will bite me hard.  😉

Look Ahead cone/pylon

Are you Racing Ready ?

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