Twisted Securely Into Place

I haven’t participated as an autocross passenger in years.  In talking with some competitors at recent autocross events, as a driver even with a seatbealt and a steering wheel to hold onto,  you still get whipped around.  You can’t as effectively guide the car.  I even saw a dash mounted “Oh Sh_t!” grab handle installed in one of the cars last weekend! 😉 Also, the steering wheel is to be used to guide your car around the course with finesse, not meant to hang to for dear life.

One of the competitors (his name is being withheld to protect the innocent) wears a red knee pad twisted askew on his right leg, below the knee.  He does this to prevent getting banged and bruised (from the transmission tunnel edge), what with all the rapid movement within the car.

I remember, in my one short season of autocrossing about 15 years ago, the guys suggested putting a twist in the belt, right where the lap belt turns into the shoulder belt at the buckle.  It seemed to work, although it was awkward and it sure felt strange being “locked in” like that.

There is more up to date technology out there that I’ll write about in a future entry – I’m still researching some details and a special offer for blog visitors!  What a tease I am…

Till then – are you Racing Ready ?

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