Busted Plans

I had high hopes of doing some new things to the blog today… well, it didn’t work out that way.

You may have noticed that the blog address has dropped the “/blog”  – I wanted people to be able to find the blog as a site, based on just the domain name.  In the process of doing this, I deleted the blog!  Thanks to the patient tech guru (Zach) at BlueHost.com (my awesome hosting company), I was able to point the files back to the database.  In this process I was able to drop the “/blog” from the URL and get back into the WordPress admin panel.

I did get all my posts’ text & formatting, but had to re-post ALL the images.  Unfortunately, that took the rest of the afternoon into this evening.  No other plans were completed.

I did learn my lesson, though.  I ran a back up of my files on the cPanel so this will be less of an issue, if there is a next time.

Sorry I can’t contribute any good content today – I look forward to moving forward tomorrow!

Back to gettin’ Racing Ready !

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