Novice Notes

This morning, one of my co-workers expressed an interest in coming with me to the next local autocross event on July 13th.  His name is Brian, and he is the new proud papa of the Switzer Twins. His blog is listed at the right, in my blogroll.

It is my blog that inspired him to consider going & even competing with his 2008 Nissan Altima.  So I feel obligated to provide to him (and to you readers) some introductory notes for autocross novices.  I found a good number of resources to glean a simple concise listing of notes.  Again, time has conspired to work against me.  For now, I will link to an existing Autocross Handbook – I have seen this copyrighted work in many places on the Web & it been updated at this SCCA forum.

To Do List

My version (not paraphrased) will appear a bit later in this blog.

Are you Racing Ready ?

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