Rally Driving

One area of autosports competition that has always fascinated me is the sport of rally driving.  This is usually driving on back country roads, on all sorts of surfaces: pavement, gravel, mud, sand and or snow.  This is done at “balls to the wall” speed, and the driver is accompanied by a brave dude called a navigator.  The navigator is constantly calling out what’s coming up around the next corner, etc., from previous reconoitered notes both he and the driver prepared on some sort of an earlier (and slower) run through.

Check out this breathless run from the Isle on Man.  Its from 25 years ago, but still exciting.  I had to watch it twice before I continued my web surfing (this is courtesy of the new SASCA Tale Lights Blog):


This next clip was taken & edited by my Aussie friend Swade of Trollhattansaab.net.  Last weekend he attended a drive day sponsored by Saab Australia at the GM Holden proving grounds at Lang Lang, in south eastern Victoria, Australia.  This, too, is some great, rally-like footage.

Enjoy – the 2008 Saab Turbo X is an awesome machine!

Will watching rally footage inspire you to be Racing Ready ?

P.S. – If these clips don’t excite & inspire you, you’re at the wrong blog.  On the other hand, with all this unbridled enthusiasm, go tell a friend about this blog – Thanks!

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