Check Engine Light

You know what I mean – I’ve been avoiding mine for more than a year.  I think it finally caught up with me on my way home from work today.  I had stalled the car & tried to restart it – nothing.  I called one of my daughters, got a jump & was able to drive a few hundred feet.  The gauges all of a sudden went poltergiest-like.  I never saw anything like it before.  I jumped it again – same thing…

Check Engine Light

I ended up having to get towed to a local garage & I’ll have to see what they say tomorrow ($$$).

So my 20 minute drive home from work actually took about 4 hours – once again, time is at a premium & this blog is suffering.

Some good news!  Earlier today I received an upbeat e-mail about a product that I will be able to promote to all of you.  It is a product that many have found very useful in autocross & other high performance driving applications.  I can’t wait to start promoting it.  I should be receiving a packet from this company that I’ve been in contact with sometime next week.

On that note I feel better & wanting to get Racing Ready !

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