Check Engine Light Update

My 2000 Nissan Maxima is back on the road!

Waiting for the tow truck...

I found an honest mechanic!  Late last night I had the tow truck operator drop my tired sedan off at a shop.  This shop had a mechanic a family friend had used & had good confidence in.  Today we found out this guy was no longer there.  A young guy, Andy, the current mechanic seemed okay.  At first he ran the diagnostic codes & said it needed a new alternator, total about $350. 🙁

He later called back and said its all fixed and it will be only $90! 🙂  It was just a broken alternator belt he had to replace.  I then asked him the labor cost to replace the coils (that have been misfiring for some time now) & plugs.  He went to the computer with the manager & came up with a very fair cost.

Okay, now I’m excited!  I’ve a now reachable saving goal which will make my vehical capable to compete in autocross.  Oh boy, I’m finally going to get my “poor” Nissan Racing Ready !


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