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One of the sites I visit, once in awhile is  Althought they are aimed toward competitiors of drag & stock car racing, they have some gems which are worth mentioning for the autocross & other high performance driving event competitor.

These tips are from a recent article of their’s that is worth posting here – this is from Tami Eggleston (c) at  At a workshop in January of this year she asked the following question, “If you could give just one piece of advice to a racer to help them win, what would that piece of advice be?” Here are the answers she shares:

1.) Stay Focused. Concentrate. Stay in the present. Focus on the task at hand. Be in the here and now! Don’t be distracted. Don’t let your surroundings interfere with your concentration. Take it one round at a time.
2.) Be positive. Have a positive mental attitude. Give it all you got!
3.) Race your own race. Never be intimidated by the other car or driver.
4.) Be the same all of the time. Be consistent. Have a good routine.
5.) Practice. Seat time.
6.) Preparation. Prepare everything. Check and recheck everything!
7.) Visualize. See what you are going to do.
8.) Be comfortable in your car. Know your vehicle. Have the best car you can.
9.) Relax. Stay calm. Don’t get stressed. Don’t choke. Keep cool (have a cool head). Relax and do your thing!
10.) Have confidence. Believe in yourself. Learn to trust your gut. Make your moves on instinct.
11.) Have fun.
12.) Don’t give up. Be Patient!
13.) Don’t be afraid to lose. Deal with losing. Learn from failures.
14.) Listen to people that know what they are doing.

There are some good items here to concentrate further on to make us Racing Ready !


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