Freedom to Race and RSS

Although my audience is international, and so am I (born in Canada, married in Mexico) I’m proud to be a citizen of the United States of America.

Waving US Flag 

We have many freedoms, but essentially we are free to do as we please (within legal and common sense reason).  We can spend our free time in the pursuits of many different crafts and hobbies.  One of my pursuit is to race, with this blog to inspire me to go beyond the wannabe racer.  This blog serves also to be a guide to assist you toward a path of actual racing participation.

The part of becoming a successful competitor is up to you.  My plans include providing the resources necessary to give you the opportunity to learn to be a good and satisfied competitor.  Some may be saying, “Hurry up, already!”  Well, I’d like to have the extra time available to fully develop this quickly.  Its going to happen one day at a time.

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Here’s another freedom for you, dear reader.  You now have the convenience to sign up for my blog’s RSS feed, either through an RSS reader or via you personal email.  Please take advantage of the daily snippets I will be providing.  This is all the better make you Racing Ready !

Happy Fourth of July!


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