Informed Online Research

What did we do without the Internet 10- 15 years ago?  Not a day (or even hour, at times) goes by that a member of my family does something on the Internet, besides checking their e-mail.

Computer on the Internet

In just the last 3 days:

  • I’ve started researching the ignition coil parts for my Nissan Maxima revitalization project
  • One daughter was looking for a replacement part for her car, after a quote from her local dealer (she was able to find the equivalent part at about a 25% discount!)
  • my other daughter is looking to replace the tires on her car; we automatically visited the Internet to to see what our options are

I have gotten very comfortable with researching & purchasing things on the Internet.  But, just because its on the Internet, it doesn’t mean its always true.  You have got to bring along some common sense caveat emptor, let the buyer beware!

So, what have you researched lately, on the Internet – is it something to get you closer to being Racing Ready ?


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