Caveat Emptor, Let the Buyer Beware

You always have to remember to try to keep your eyes open when shopping online.

Snake Oil 2.0

I currently have 2 different packages slated to arrive soon, one for tomorrow & one I’m really anticipation on Friday.  Both were ordered via the Internet & I’m currently tracking their separate UPS Ground paths to my home.  Technology is grand, ain’t it.

In the few years I’ve ordered and received items through the Internet, I’ve never had to return anything.  I guess that is because I researched the item thoroughly to make sure it was correct, and was what I really wanted/needed.  UPS & FedEx do a great & efficient job of shipping.  Their boxes are sturdy & nothing has ever arrive damaged.

There are some things I don’t think I’d order via the ‘Net.  Shoes – you have to really try them on & walk around in them.  I might think the same for a helmet.  I’ve pretty much narrowed down the helmet I want, and am saving for.  Since it is manufactured locally (Simpson Performance Products in New Braunfels, TX) I might make a field trip of it.  I wonder if they have a “factory tour” & store front.  I don’t know – their website makes no mention of it.  Then again, its only about a 45 minute drive.

So, my advice for product ordering via the Internet, first research the heck out of what you want.  Verify what they say it is from at least 2 or more sources.  Another benefit of looking around like this, is that you’ll usually find some better pricing.  Other times, you’ll want to spend more money because of the company’s services, guarantees or other “warm fuzzy” thing that makes you feel more comfortable ordering from them.

Whatever you order, just watch your back & double check things – always be aware when shopping online, especially when you are striving to become Racing Ready!


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