Great New Product, the CG-Lock

Today I received a great new product – the CG-Lock!  This is the first item I have available for purchase.  You you can save about 10% by visiting the CG-Lock link above (or click the lower left image labeled: CG-Lock $5.00 Discount !).

CG-Lock installed

I have been in correspondence with Bruce Mather, the person behind the CG-Lock.  Its a wonderfully simple device.  It easily installs on your standard shoulder/lap belt, to allow to to be “cinched in”, keeping the lap portion of your belt tight.  This gives you greater control to use the steering wheel to steer with.  Not to hang on for dear life, while performing high speed maneuvers during an autocross or other such driving event.  The same is true for your legs and feet.  No longer do you have to brace yourself, and therefore better perform the actions necessary to drive competitively .

Cones, the \

Driving around the cones (or whatever designated course you are navigating) will become a more precise operation.  The website has good videos, articles, testimonials, test results & so on.  This item is also great for better securing child seats…

So, go ahead, check it out.  Going to & using my special promotion code (racingready) will net you a $5.00 savings on your order.  Its a secure site and easy to navigate through.

This is a great first product to offer, its inexpensive, but its performance to value ratio is hard to beat.  As they say at CG-Lock:

The CG-Lock improves the performance of the driver, not the car!

Therefore, this is definitely a product to make you Racing Ready!


P.S. – Just installed my new CG-Lock & I’m ready to race, err drive, to work tomorrow! 🙂

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