CG-Lock Initial Impressions

Usually I don’t continue a theme from the previous day, but today I take exception.


Today I used the CG-Lock I received & installed last night, and it was an eye-opening experience to use, even in street driving.  Initially, I realized fitment would be better if I lost some weight.  But that aside, I was able to see some of the benefits of a snugly secured lapbelt.

Most of my driving to/from work (about 12 miles) is close to 15% urban streets & 85% interstate city highway.  Of course, there are no rapid chicanes, tight left/right kinks or attitude adjusting hairpin turns.  There are a couple of decreasing radius left hand sweepers, though.  In these broad 60 mph turns I felt the belt hold me much better in the seat.  Also, I had to tell myself I didn’t need to hang onto the steering wheel as before.  I could better feel how the front wheels were negotiating the turn, and therefore better respond to those reactions.  It was, to say the least, interesting.

Here’s a knowledgeable statement about the CG-Lock as related to competition usage within SCCA sanctioned Solo (autocross) events:

“As long as the CG-Lock is installed according to the manufacturer’s supplied instructions, the CG-Lock has no effect on the original factory upper body restraint and will be compliant with 3.3.1 of the SCCA National Solo Rules. This includes convertibles without roll bars.”

– Doug Gill
SCCA Solo Technical Manager

Here’s a quick teaser video of how to set up your CG-Lock (just click the play button):

Well, that should give you a better idea how its used and why you’d want to use it.  Go ahead, go to the upper right & click the ‘Products’ page to learn more.  It will make you better Racing Ready, of course!


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