Today’s Autocross Location

This is a short entry, just to let you get an aerial view of the San Antonio Raceway (mostly a dragstrip facility).  I have not been to this location, yet.  But, from the picture, it looks like the parking lot to the west is where it all happens…

San Antonio Raceway, parking lot...from the air!

I’ll be broiling here today in the effort to get some more great blog content and some in-person inspiration, for you and for me!

I’m there to be Racing Ready!


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2 thoughts on “Today’s Autocross Location”

  1. Hi Dan, I guess the event is done and dusted by now. I hope you took a hat and some sunscreen. Looking forward to hearing how it all went.

  2. As you can see by the picture, I did the hat, but got a little burnt.

    I was introduced to some great guys & got a bunch of good info that I’ll share as best as possible here as this week unfolds. Unfortunately, since you’re 1/2-way around the world, you’ll always get everything a day late.

    Enjoy anyway & share the Racing Ready “fever” with your mates, SAAB-philes or not. BTW, there was a spectator who drove there in a 900SE. I’ll have to shoot you a couple of pix. 😉

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