Sunday’s Autocross Overview

Just a teaser intro for the week:

Team Racing Ready (logo on hat)

Yesterday’s combined Spokes/SASCA autocross event went well.  It was a fair 35 minutes from where I live – not bad.  I was there before 9:00am & stayed until all the cones were picked up by about 4:30pm.  It was a grand, sunny (HOT!) day, upper 90’s with a heat index easily over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  The sunblock helped, but I missed a few spots!  Anyway, this is how people saw me in my contrived “Team Racing Ready” hat.

Jerry, the Secretary of the SPOKES Board of Directors (the red Miata, #8 ES class competitor), was already there assisting with the drivers’ registration.  He had been there much earlier (along with some dedicated others) to distribute & layout the pylons (cones) to set up the course for the day.  He told me that there were at least 104 people fully registered to participate.  They were able to work it out so that everybody had the opportunity to get in 6 runs apiece – that’s a bunch!

Auto-X Registration, 7-13-08

I walked the course layout (see below) on my own, and then again with the Novice group (there were at least 20!).  The Novice Coordinator had some good general and specific advice during the walk-through.  Things such as the best line to take through a specific corner, how to enter into the chicane, and how to set up for a clean exit, and so on.  His most important advice for the newbie; ride along with a couple of experienced drivers.  You’ll learn a lot more than with this slow walk-through.

Auto-X Course Layout, 7-13-08

There were a few individuals of the SPOKES Board of Directors (BOD) that had already seen my blog.  I was encouraged by their positive comments, and was urged to continue forward.  All the better to make us progress forward and become more Racing Ready!


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