Body In White

This auto industry phrase refers to a “naked” automobile; that is, the car’s sheetmetal body without any paint, seats, wheels, engine, windows nor any other mechanicals installed.  So, what does it have to do with this post?

One of last Sunday’s autocross competitors, Dak, brought his white 2007 VW GTI all the way from Houston.  Here’s a rear quarter shot:

\'White\' VW GTI - rear quarter view Promo

Wait a minute, that car’s basic color scheme is black, not white.  Are you color blind Dan?  Well no, this car has gone through a “wrap” process, transforming it from a “plain vanilla” white VW GTI, to a stunner!  This was done at Dak’s step-dad’s graphics design/print shop in Houston, TX – DisplayGraphics.  His buddy James’s 1987 Toyota MR2 (driven from Austin, TX) is also shown below with the GTI (click to see the detail):

Wrapped Graphics Vehicles 

Another point to consider, although this costs between $2000-$3000 to dramatically change your car in this way, its got to be cheaper than a Mike Lavallee “True Fire” flame paint job.  Also, you can peel it off later if you change your mind (or if the new owner doesn’t like it).  The special wrap film is by 3M, and it has a 10 year guarantee to not damage the underlying paint, or they will repaint the vehicle!  Here’s a close-up of Dak’s hot graphics:

 Wrapped fire...

It may be hard to see on the sides of those cars, but they have also started to promote a new marketing company,  There you can see images of these same cars as they were before being wrapped – what a difference!

This illustrates you can not only have fun competing, but turn your car into a striking, rolling billboard, showing the world you are willing to take it on Racing Ready!


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