Timing Is Everything

That phrase about timing is most certainly true.  Currently I’ve been working on being in the right place at the right time concerning visiting with people associated with the competitive autocross scene in South & Central Texas.

Vitek with his chariot

One of the people I met at this past Sunday’s autocross seems to be an Austin mover & shaker.  His name is Vitek, and he competes with his 2007 Subaru Impreza STi.  Take a look:

Gettin\' ready to run

Its obvious that this car is not street stock, as noted in the STUX classification next to his #46 on the car’s front door.  His profession is software development.  He advertises his company,  AXWare Systems, and product on his car.  He also uses it as a tax write off, wouldn’t you?

Beautiful boxer technology

AXWare Systems does software development.  These are solutions for event management and professional timing systems.  This software is used to organize the administrative process of competitors and the timing of runs during a motorsports event, like an autocross.   Here’s a screenshot of the software from an actual autocross event:

AXWare screenshot

His latest enhancement is taking the database online and running it as a web-based application.  Pretty slick!  He also does AXWare Racing Graphics, for a variety of “stickable” number/letter graphics to use on the side of your racing vehicle (or other application where you need removable graphics).

During this day’s event, Vitek shared his ride with a friend whose car was in the shop.  It was fun to watch them compete against each other, run after run, trying to post better times and smoother runs.

Partners in competitionPartners in competition

Like many on this day’s course, when people were pushing harder they did a slower time.  Smooth is fast…

At speed...

This is what its all about, sharing, competing hard with friends, having your club use your product and write it all off as a business expense – ya’ just gotta love it.  Vitek is definitely Racing Ready!


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