Autocross Leadership

Rick is the President & Webmaster of the Texas Spokes Sports Car Club, based in Austin, TX.  He competes in a 1972 Datsun 240Z that’s been highly modified to an FP 280Z.  Here’s an introductory shot:

Last minute preparations before 1st run 

He’s been at this for years, starting out with a first generation Toyota MR2 and progressing through a couple of other, more powerfully modified MR2’s.  He then lost interested for a while.  But, since 2004 for he’s been at it with a vengence, with his Datsun and its progressing upgrades.  In the shot below it looks like he’s going to take down that cone, but NO, he slid on by…

 Rick at speed & drifting...

On Rick’s personal website, he has chronicled the progress of modifications he’s worked through on his Datsun.  Another area of interest is sketching autocross related art, at Cone-Designs.  His stickers & T-shirts are fun, check ’em out!  Great stuff for the autocross fan’s wish list, and afforable, too.

Autocross?... T-shirt 

Here’s a cool introductory autocross flyer Rick designed, to inform & entice people:

Wanna Autocross?  Spokes flyer

I asked Rick what a newbie/wannabe racer (autocross) should do.  He said,

“Just come out & try it, watch what others are doing.  Then ask to go for a ride-along.”

All the drivers/competitors are very friendly, and most would be happy to share their autocross experience.  I took his advice, went on 3 ride-alongs with 2 drivers, last Sunday & I was re-impressed.  I say “re” because I was into this about 15 years ago, but life got in the way. 

Look ahead & forward to Racing Ready! 

Well, as you can see, I’m in the process of pushing life back, & looking forward to getting to be Racing Ready!  Are you with me?


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