The Racing Community

Tomorrow I will continue the other autocrosser profiles from the 7/13 autocross.  Now I give pause to note that as of today, I’ve been at this for 6 weeks, and am enjoying it. 

I have started to join autocross & motorpsorts related forums and am getting the Racing Ready word out.  By starting this blog, I feel like I am becoming an active member of a special community.  All the interaction I’ve had, so far, has been friendly and cooperative,  The only area of brash confrontation is when one is competing.  But once a run or competition is over all are friends again.

 Duryea Hillclimb screenshot

Here’s a good video that shows fun footage from a hillclimb event in the Northeast (Duryea, PA).  The participants also speak about the camaraderie of the racing community.    Here’s another video – be patient, this site takes a few moments to load, but its worth the wait.  Locally, we can’t really do this as there’s really not much in the way of hills, here.

Hillclimbs, apparently, feature a great variety of all sorts of race vehicles – vintage, purpose built, former race cars, recent model cars & others.  Kind of reminds me of Pike Peak, an event I’ve always appreciated.  I also recall a fun, twisty back country road in North Carolina.  I was in a Buick rental with my wife & it was not a good run.  But I vowed to go back and find this drive, or at least find another like it, locally, in a much better prepared machine.

Another topic for another posting…hillclimbing for inspiration here at Racing Ready!


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