Re-Engineering & Venting

Do you enjoy building and working with gadgets?  I do & so does this competitor I met at the autocross event of 7/13.  Nick, from Austin, TX, drives a 1990 Mazda Miata, #84 SM2.  He says the only original parts left on the car are the bodywork and the transmission – that’s why he calls his car “Not So ’90”.

Not So 90, by Nick 

His interest in autocrossing & driving competively started at a Driver’s Edge Miata Day event in Colorado about 3 years ago.  He thought it was fun and has been autocrossing ever since.  He has aspirations to participate in the curriculum at The Driveway Motorsports Academy in Austin, TX.  His advice to new & existing autocross competitiors (& I’ve seen this quoted elsewhere) is “to drive to make the course straighter.”

 Getting ready to run...

Besides his Miata, he is building a Caterham 7 project car.  Nick is an electrical engineer and knows how to engineer things to work & fit correctly.  He is building it from a kit, but it is taking longer than he planned, what with the constant re-engineering he is having to do.  He says the quality control of this kit sucks!  He is having to re-do how many things line up, basically, rebuilding it a section at a time.  He mentioned the name, but I guess I wrote the manufacturer’s name down wrong as I was not able to Google it.  So Nick, if you’re reading this, please leave a comment as to who that company is so you can give it a negative recommendation.  Thanks!  He is hoping to complete his “7” soon…

Gotta make sure that pressure is right - air, that is!

Nick’s car showcased a simple little product to help make the South Texas heat a little bit more bearable.  Its called the Cool Breeze Scoop.  Check it out!

Cool Breeze Scoop - outside  Cool Breeze Scoop - inside

He said they also offer another scoop that attaches to the windsheild header when the converible top is down.  Nick says the breeze really helps.  Too bad they only make them for Miatas – I wonder if you can re-engineer one to fit other vehicles?  That idea takes me back to the days of those little pivoting vent windows most cars had years ago.

Let’s get out there and vent to others about being Racing Ready!


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  1. The company’s name is Coveland. Skip them completely. I have a build log over at LocostUSA and some other threads where you can read about the experience of the Coveland “kit”.

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