Witness to a Ride-Along

My friend and co-worker Brian attended the 7/13 autocross event as an observer, and was the only one there on two wheels.  You can read more about his new life’s adventure at The Switzer Twins.

Mystical Rider - Joker 

He brought his video camera and did me a favor of taking some videos.  I just received them today, one of which I have below.  This video is my ride-along with Jerry, my friend and mentor, the Secretary of  the Texas Spokes Sports Car Club.  Brian says that our helmets looked like 2 bobble-heads in action, what with the twisty course.  You can see Jerry working it hard to get through all those “evil” cones, power slides & all.  Just click on the screenshot below!

Click here & hang on!

Doing a ride-along (or a bunch or ’em) is all a part of learning about (and getting hooked to) autocross particiaption.  The idea is that once you try it as a passenger, you’ll want to do it as a driver.  I still remember the contrasting differences of walking the course earlier in the morning, versus how it looked through the windshield, at speed!

In short, the course looked completely different while competing.  You have no time to think, much less react to what those cones are dictating is your next move.  Its a good thing the event provides you multiple runs (there were 6 at this one!).  The better to learn, and hopefully conquer the course.

With that, let’s go forward to conquer being Racing Ready!


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  1. Thanks for sharing that video of my run! Boy, does my car look slow out there, but I guess the times don’t lie 😉

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