Going Topless, Ontrack at H2R

Yes, this is something different, but not what you might think.  One of the participants at last Saturday’s Harris Hill Road event brought his highly modified topless Miata.

Going topless with a Miata

This was Ward’s first time participating at a non-autocross event – he was having such a fun time & learning lots!

Another topless view 

He was at the Pearsall, TX Divisional event I attend almost 2 months ago (these were my first few posts on this blog, from June 8th, 2008 on). 

Discussing why topless

Ward said the engine is a stock 1.6 liter, although I did see a cold air intake/filter in the engine compartment.  You, too, can see it below, to the upper right portion of his engine bay.

Engine bay detail

This car is legal for the SCCA D class, Street Prepared (DP).  It weighs just about 2000 lbs.  He had 2 rude awakenings:

– Those little Hoosier tires he had started out at 22 pounds psi.  After coming back in from his 20 minute session 3 were at 27 pounds psi, & one was at 28 – I don’t think that’s too bad (considering my ontrack experience I had in Ron’s Spec Miata that I posted 2 days ago)

– You will note he has no mirrors.  In autocross that’s not an issue, in fact they can be a detrimental distraction.  In this racetrack event, he had NO idea he was impeding the passing of others.  Another driver who was out during the session used his horn, but Ward could not hear the beeping, in all his topless glory.

I think I know what Ward’s next minor upgrade will be . . . a couple of simple convex mirrors!

Easy to see inside w/o the top

Straight from the SCCA, here is what they define (in general terms) what the Street Prepared Category is about.

These are cars that are high performance, production based non-street-driven vehicles that usually have gutted interiors and full roll cages.  Cars retain their original design, structure, and drive layout unless otherwise specified in the Solo2 Rules.

Besides this topless Miata, all sorts of production vehicles & those only legal to bring on a trailer participated.  Tomorrow I plan to post a gallery of the variety of the vehicles seen there, among other information.

Harris Hill Road will allow pretty much any sort of vehicle, as long as it is safe, not leaking fluids & has a driver that is already, or wanting to be Racing Ready!


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