Racing Equipment Variety at H2R

One of the things I found interesting was the variety of the different types of vehicles people brought to challenge the track (not each other) at Harris Hill Road (H2R).  Most vehicles were driven there, some were trailered – both of these happen at an autocross event.  One thing that occurred that does NOT happen at an autocross, the ability to take a few free parade laps on the track!

One half of a session group

Here’s an interesting session group of nine cars!

The other half of the same session group

As mentioned in a previous post, this event was originally meant to be a Honda S2000-only event.  Sondra  Sondregger (co-founder of the S2KCA & awesome coordinator of this event)  decided to open this up to any vehicle that registered.  So, there were quite a few S2000’s.  I count at least 10 in this panorama – click it to enlarge…and savor!

The paddock @ H2R

Also there were at least 5(!) Lotuses (Loti?).  Four were the Exige model, and at least 1 Elise model.  Wow, what an awesome sound they made at speed.  The Exige sounded like a lot bigger car.  Check out their introductory video of the Lotus Exige S at their website (I still get goosebumps after multiple viewings!!!).  The next time I attend an event like this, I’ll have to wrangle a ride-along in one of these!

The Lotus grouping

The Lotus business end(s)

Here’s another fun ride that was driven to the event to compete.  It looks to be along the lines of a Caterham 7, and it looks great without any paint!

This has a cool, raw patina

C-7 cockpit detailC-7 engine detail

One thing I did not see in existence, as yet, was the ability to note the timing of a person’s laps.  One could do it with a friendly assistant & a stopwatch.  In some cases, I saw people had their own electronic equipment.  Bo Rivers & Eric Beverding, of Harris Hill Road, mentioned they will soon be installing a transponder system that should be good to the thousandth of a second.  People will be able to purchase a transceiver-like device to install in their car.  This will allow their laps to be timed, not only in entirety, but also divided up into a number of segment times will be capable to be taken.

Tomorrow should be the release date of the new Harris Hill Road website.  I’m glad they are ready to step up their game in this area.  It will be a welcome upgrade to their growth.

If reading about the H2R facility isn’t making you want to become Racing Ready, you need to do 2 things:
– read more here
– find a facility in your locale – just go do it!


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