Volunteer Opportunities for Laps

There were many experienced and some wannabe car enthusiasts (like me, still) and racing competitor types of people at the Harris Hill Road event last Saturday.  One of them was Travis, a college student from the nearby Texas State University in San Marco, less then 10 miles away.  Travis’ mom had told him about the building of a driving enthusiasts’ raceway facility being built nearby.  I mentioned to him that he might like to do a ride-along with Ron in his Spec Miata (like I had done earlier).

Travis being belt test fitted in Ron\'s Spec Miata

He had e-mailed Bo Rivers (of H2R) about volunteer opportunities to work at the track.  I guess he just wanted to be able to check it out and be around the cool, fast cars and learn more from the club members & other participants.  When he met up with Bo, he explained to Travis that for his volunteered time, H2R would give him the opportunity to run free laps on another day.  How cool is that, and even better, Travis had no expectation of this offer!

Travis\' Subaru 2.5 RS - front view

Travis is a Junior/Senior and had been considering the idea of doing something competative with his car, a nice 2005 Subaru RS 2.5.  He had already done some modifications.  Discussing these with Ron (the Spec Miata owner & Driver’s Edge instructor), he found out that one or 2 of his mods had moved him out of the SCCA stock category.Modification options discussion

He discussed these ideas at length with Ron, crawling aroung his rear suspension to discuss his future modification options.  That’s one of the nice things about these types of high performance driving events – its more social and participants tend to talk about their equipment, and of course, do “bench racing”.

Here’s another shot of Travis’ car.  We’ll see where he goes from here…  I hope he can take advantage of the volunteer/free race laps opportunity that Bo offered.  I’m sure he’ll spread the word at his school.  Damn, to be 20 again!

Travis\' Subaru 2.5 RS - rear view

Eric track observing from the towerHaving been posting all week about people, cars and experiences at Harris Hill Road/H2R event, I’d like to end this track series with some observations made by Eric Beverding, of H2R (& Bo’s son-in-law).   He was glad to see I was filling a niche he felt was missing.  In a follow-up e-mail he stated:

It’s fun to see someone with a passion for motorsports that’s actually covering them in person, and from the local/regional level.

That’s a great testamonial to what I’m trying to do here, with this blog.  As I establish this base of information and a growing following, I expect to hear more comments from all of you.  You know what is happening best in your part of the world.  Let me know…what you do in competion is inspiring others (& me too)more to become Racing Ready!


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