Divisional In A Day

One week from tomorrow, the Texas SPOKES Sports Car Club (from the Austin, TX area) will conduct their next monthly autocross event.  It will be at the San Antonio Raceway, their preferred venue (which is a lot closer to San Antonio, TX than Austin.

 San Antonio Raceway from the air

This autocross will be run somewhat like a divisional event.  During the morning they run one course.  Then at lunch some changes are made to the course to change it enough to make the driver change his driving strategy.  Why do this?  Well, apparently, this is what is done at a “real” divisional autocross event.  It changes things up enough to keep the competitor on his/her toes.

Spokes morning course for 2008-08-10 

I found this out about while reading a posting on the San Antonio Sports Car Association forum last night.  There was a message from the Spokes President, Rick Martinez, announcing this event and the associated details.  Included in those details were these morning & afternoon course maps.

 Spokes afternoon course for 2008-08-10

At fist I saw little change, but then, looking closer, duh, the startfinish configurations are different.  And the course is then run in the REVERSE direction.  This will change the flavor of the course significantly to make it very interesting.  Also, they DO have the ability to change the cones’ placement even more differently than what is shown in these diagrams. 

This gives me (& you!) a full week to anticipate this “2 for 1” autocross.  So, what motorsports events do you have in your local area?  What are the Racing Ready events that YOU are anticipating?


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