Cone-ology, continued

Alrighty then, let’s pick up from yesterday’s posting about autocross (Solo in SCCA) cones, etc…

3 cones, at a corner

From what I can tell, the SCCA standard, fluorescent orange rubber cone (or pylon) should be 18″ in height.

Don\'t cross this line!

Putting together a proper autocross course is much more than putting out a bunch of cones around a parking lot based on a whim of a design.  There is a LOT more than goes into it.  You need to make up a course that fulfills the following parameters:
– it should be fun
– it needs to safe
– you’ve got to make it fair

For an authoritative, full description of how to to design a proper autocross/Solo course, go to this Houston Region SCCA link.  Then scroll to the bottom of the page & click on the link labeled, Solo Course Design Manual.  This is a comprehensive, 133 page PDF document, not light reading.

So far I have just skimmed through a part of it.  I did figure out that you will also get a much better idea how to “carve” the proper racing line on an autocross course.  For this reason, alone, it is worth at least a 15 minute scan-through.  Some excellent stuff in there!

Solo Design Course 2006 Cover

Taking a look at the “Divisional In A Day” entry I posted back on Saturday (2 posts ago), one can better see the proper “racing line” through the cones on the opposite direction courses.  Check it out – again!

This is some of the “thinking part” of getting Racing Ready!
There will be more…


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