Beginning Autocross Clinic

Yesterday I provided you with a huge 133 page work.  It was about how to design an autocross course layout.  That may have been too much.  You’re thinking, “I wanna learn to race, not design a course!”  I understand.  We’ll get there.  I didn’t say this was going to be easy.

Arizona Competition Corvettes logo 

This next work I’m referring to is short – only 13 pages (about 6+ of text & the rest are cone layout diagrams that easily explain the best line through the cones & why).  This is easy to digest, compared to yesterday’s book.  It is titled “Beginning Autocross Clinic“, presented by Arizona Competition Corvettes.

Beginning Autocross Clinic cover

So, in lieu of my writing more & plagiarising the content of this easy to read, good, quick reference, I ask that you read this easy-to-digest PDF.  You’ll enjoy it!  I think you will come away more prepared, and, I daresay, better Racing Ready!


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