Invest In Yourself, First

I invested the majority of my alloted blog posting time this evening working on the above banner.  What do you think?  If it works out, you may start to see it elsewhere.  I will let you know where and when.

For the starting competitor, developing and perfecting the person’s abilities first is MORE important than developing the go-fast & handling capabilities of your vehicle.  You will want to start out relatively slowly (not balls to the wall!).  Only once you become a competative & consistent performer, then is when you will want to invest in your vehicle.  In this way you can take your finely honed capabilities to the next level or two.

My current station in life does not yet allow for me to actually compete in my own vehicle.  After about 2 months of blogging about this topic, I still find myself content to attend events in the observer/interviewer mode.  I invest face time with local people actually involved (and getting the occasional ride-along).

Also, I am enthusiastic to learn more as I dig through various autocross/HPDE (high performance driving events) topics across the Internet.  It is said that one can’t always believe what is written on the Internet.  Well, I find that people in the motorsports community are a friendly, honest lot.  They are good people!

I again rediscovered last night, face time interaction at the SASCA monthly meeting was good for me & it will be good for this blog.  More to come here at Racing Ready!




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