SASCA Monthly Meeting

Tonight was the monthly SASCA (San Antonio Sports Car Association) meeting at a local pizza place.  I attended, introduced myself & enjoyed the company of my “home” autocross-plus enthusiasts club.  I went for a couple of reasons.

SASCA logo

These (& more) are the reasons YOU should seek out your local motorsports enthusiasts club:
– you get to put faces with names of people you may have already seen posting on a local forum or some other club e-mail
– they get to see you & that you are interested in their club
– you learn better about what the club does and why (some of their inner workings)
– if you are interested, you’ll be the first available to volunteer for some possibly special future autocross/race/car show or other regional motorsports events
– you’ll get to “bench race” with the locals who may have a car like yours
– you can listen in (or participate in) freely offered advice about how to modify a specific performance aspect of a fellow competitor’s car
– you might find a mentor who will take you under their wing
– and other benefits…

In introducing myself, I brought some materials from when I was a SASCA member over 15 years ago.  I had more than a year’s worth of their old newsletter from then, called Tale Lites.  I offered them to Ed, who is a Chair within SASCA (apparently, being the unofficial historian is one of the many hats he wears).  It looks like I may have tentatively volunteered to help in some areas, as yet decided – we’ll see.

It was interesting to find out how much they work & cooperate together with the Austin, TX club (SPOKES).  They were very aware of their upcoming (8/10/2008) “Divisional In A Day” autocross event put on by SPOKES.  The next monthly SASCA autocross will be the following Sunday (8/17/2008).

Ready for HPDE...

A couple of teasers…
The Chairpeople & the B.O.D. (SASCA Board of Directors) are tentatively discussing a High Performance Driving Event to take place this Fall.  This event may include a Novice School, or maybe it will be a separate event.  I’m not yet sure, but as soon as I find out concrete details you WILL hear about it HERE.  I’m doing this because I want the scoop & I want both YOU & I to become Racing Ready!


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2 thoughts on “SASCA Monthly Meeting”

  1. Good stuff. I’ve still got to make a meeting of the Italian car club here in Tasmania. They’re the main organisers of many of the events here, and with an Alfa joining the Saabs in the driveway, I’ll actually fit in now 🙂

  2. Swade, don’t hold back – attend! I know that Saab is your main passion, but now you’ve got to scratch your Alfa itch. As I posted today, the Internet is a valuable source, but doing social networking in person works. Face time augments your connectivity effectiveness!

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