One course, opposite directions

Today, I am busy attending the Texas SPOKES Sports Car Club “Divisional In A Day” autocross event.  This is a single course track that will be run in a counter-clockwise direction in the morning.  In the afternoon it will be run clockwise, with only minor cone placement changes.  It should be interesting to see how people deal with the same course in opposite directions.  For course details, see my posting, Divisional In A Day from 8-2-2008.


Here is what Rick Martinez, SPOKES President 2008 says:

This is going to be an awesome event and if you haven’t done the split-day div format you do not know what you’re missing.  Just three or four runs to get it right on each course results in some serious “please let me pull a run out of my you-know-what to move up one or more spots in the standings and kick this other competitor’s you-know-what!”  And that’s just in the morning.  We start all over again in the afternoon!  You were clean all morning but your competitor hit a cone on his fastest run?  So what?!  Anything can happen after lunch!

With my time in the field to learn more about being Racing Ready, that is why this posting is short.


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