Handles Like a Miata

Yesterday’s “Divisional In A Day” SPOKES autocross event made for some interesting contrasts.  The course ran counter-clockwise in the morning (with 3 runs each).  In the afternoon the same course was used, but run in the opposite direction (with 4 runs each).  In the morning it seemed like 1/4 of the participants DNF’d (did not finish) due to missing at least 1 cone gate, in at least one of their 3 runs.  I was able to do 2 ride-alongs & I couldn’t quite figure out what was the correct course direction in the last portion of the course layout (thanks Jerry & Dak!).  And yes, I had already walked the course once.  I learned it is best to walk the course more than once if you are going to actually compete.

Here is how you carry all your extra stuff!

 How to carry it all with you

I met Carolyn who drives a recent model black Z06 Corvette.  She is having fun running autocrosses with it.  I few years ago she got the autocross bug, starting out with a Mazda Miata running on street tires.  Carolyn did that for a year.  Then she graduated to R-compound tires on the same car for the next couple of years, still running in the ES class.  I’m finding many people are using the Miata as a worthwhile entry into the motorsports world of autocross.  There are other modes of amateur motorsports using Miatas, too, so you can graduate beyond autocross if & when you desire.

 Carolyn on the grid

Carolyn later sold the Miata, and co-drove (where you share a vehicle between 2 people) a Chevrolet Camero & a couple of other vehicles.  In one event she co-drove a Chevy Corvette and she was hooked!  About 2 years ago she had the opportunity to purchase a Corvete Z06, from a fellow competitor (he upgraded to a Porsche GT3!).  In commenting about the handling of a Corvette, Carolyn said the handling is very similar to a Miata, albeit, much more powerful and lots more torque.

Waiting to get started

In the picture below, note the series of orange cone stickers.  They note the years this car has passed SPOKES annual technical inspection.  Carolyn has owned it for the last 2 stickers…

 SPOKES windshield inspection stickers

I almost had an opportunity to do a ride-along with Carolyn, but she had asked Lance to help her to verify and sort out some toe-in and other suspension adjustments they were working on.  It seems eveybody helps somebody with various mechanical issues within the SPOKES organization.

In the afternoon I was able to watch the first few few runs in the opposite direction.  I had to leave early for a previously commited to engagement for the rest of the day.  Therefore, I was not able to do a ride-along in with Carolyn in her Corvette, at speed.  As I told her, “I’ll happily take a raincheck!”

Hot to run!

During yesterday’s event I heard a number of people mention that they were mentally (themselves) & physically (their cars) getting ready for next weekend’s SCCA Solo Divisional event being held at the Texas World Motor Speedway (thanks Jon) in the Fort Worth, TX area (about 5+ hours drive away for me).  It will take place on August 16-17th.

SOW DIV Divisional #4

I’ll be content to attend & observe the next SASCA autocross event, here in San Antonio next Sunday, 8/17.  Making tough decisions like this helps to make you Racing Ready!


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  1. Just thought I’d point out that the SCCA Divisional is at Texas MOTOR Speedway in Fort Worth, not Texas WORLD Speedway which is in College Station. Easy mistake to make – I always have to stop and think about which is which.

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