As Seen On TV!

John is the SPOKES Novice Coordinator.  On the morning of an autocross, after registration, he is responsible for conducting an informative course walkthrough with the novices.  John specifies what possible safety concerns there could be.  He also gives a variety of course driving strategy hints & methods of steering, looking ahead, and so on.  It is always recommended to have the novices do some ride-alongs before their first run.  Also, its good to have some experienced drivers ride along with them on at least their first run or 2.  John does a nice job.  Without his guidance, novices would get lost and/or a be a hazard to others.

At the wheel, John is ready to roll 

John’s ride is a recent model Subaru WRX STi, which he’s sufficiently modified to the STU SCCA class.  During last month’s autocross event his car was in the shop, so he was kindly befriended by Vitek, and was able to co-drive in his Subaru which I featured here: Timing Is Everything

Prepped on the grid 

At this time I don’t know about the modified details of John’s Subaru, but I do know something about some of the different external stickers.

John on the course 

As Seen On TV

So what’s with the “As Seen on TV” sticker?  A few years ago, a local Austin, TX news station ran a short news interest feature about autocrossing.  They interviewed John & featured his car – therefore the reason for his cool sticker.  He drove the newscaster (on the road course at the Driveway Austin Motorsports Academy) to show her what this was all about.  Then John had her drive his car, too.  Here’s the video!

 News 8 Austin - Autocrossing Feature

Lastly, what’s with this owl picture on the trunk?  Apparently this is a little dated now.  A few years ago, there was this saying that became popular on the Internet.  It was referring to the “Oh really?” owl.  Here’s a link, if you’re interested: 

Oh Really? Owl

So that’s how it really goes, here at Racing Ready!


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