So, Why Do We Do It?

I’m about ready to attend to the SASCA autocross event tomorrow at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, TX (my town).  The thought I came up with today is: “Why do we do it?”

 Why do it?  There\'s more to it!

We spend a day, at least once a month, in the hot sun and abuse our machines (our cars) and ourselves (damned hot, out there at 100 plus degrees Fahrenheit in the afternoon).  Most other people would consider a weekend day as a time to relax or putter around the house & yard – not us!

What’s it all about?  Is it the adrenalin rush of not experienced speed/driving dynamics from our daily driving routine to work?  Is it the bragging rights of doing better than our co-competitors?  Is it the knowledge that you are doing something that the average driver has no clue about doing?  Is it your satisfaction that you know you are taking your car to its limits unlike the average daily driver in the lane next to you, Monday through Friday?

Be Racing Ready ! 

Well, I think its a unique combination of ALL these thoughts.  Its the “Walter Mitty” coming out of all of us who participate in any sort of local, amateur motorsports activity.  It allows us to continue the Monday through Friday routine with some sort of semblance of sanity.

I hope YOU are working on some sort of local motorsports activity this weekend…

Here at Racing Ready, this blog is helping me to keep my life’s sanity!  I’m hoping the same is true for you!


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3 thoughts on “So, Why Do We Do It?”

  1. Ask a thousand people why they do autocross and you’ll get at least nine hundred ninety eight answers. For some of us, it’s backwards to logical thinking. We autocross because that gives us a reason to have a race car. If we have a race car, we need all those beautiful tools in all those catalogs and stores. If we have a race car and lots (and lots) of tools, we simply must have somewhere to put them. We need a shop. A “man cave”. A place to spend many hours working with the tools. The beauty of it is: my reasons don’t have to mesh with anyone else’s. It’s OK for everyone to have different reasons.

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