It’s Not All Autocross

Although I have been featuring a majority of local/regional autocross-based postings here, there is a lot more out there.  For now, this is what I can do, see & vicariously participate in.  Once I DO get to autocrossing, I will consider it a step in the right direction to some sort of actual racing.

Go Ahead - Take the Wheel, SCCA version

I’m not sure if I would go the route of Dave Gran, author of Go Ahead, Take the Wheel, but I would surely like to get a taste of road course action.  One can do this, at speed (& not racing) in an HPDE (that’s a High Performance Driving Event).  They seem to have them in various places around the USA.  Those of you in other parts of the world, I’m sure you can do an easy Internet search and find some event that is regional or even local.

Racing Honda Prelude of Dave Gran

The main ones that I have seen within 3 to 5 hours driving time from my home are: The Drivers Edge & the Evolution Performance Driving School.  There are many more, but these are the two that come immediately to mind.

 The Drivers Edge - HPDEs

Evolution Driving School 

Both of these schools allow you to use your own car/daily driver.  You build up your speed and confidence with an instructor by your side.  You don’t actually get to race, but you do start to see what you can do within (and up to) the limits of your enthusiast-based car.

Another thing, like Dalton commented about in my So Why Do We Do It? posting – its all about having the “man-cave”!  I like his logical justification – see if you agree…

So, again, please realize there is more to becoming Racing Ready than autocrossing – but it such an awesome, easy to start out method into motorsports.


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  1. Lance Adams has shown some interests in instructing road course driving at the Driveway, and was mentioned a few months ago in the mailing list… don’t know what’s going on now.

    TWS hosts one or two driving schools per month, check out their calendar 🙂 Also let’s hope Spokes will have another driving school by Andy Hollis and Vitek next year.

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