Another Great Miata Evolution Story

One of this past Sunday’s SASCA autocross competitors, in the SM2 class, was Ed with his 1999 dark blue Miata.  This is a very clean, well maintained car.   Ed is one of the Chairs at SASCA.

Ed checking tire pressures on grid

In the past couple of years he had run this Miata a in the stock class, pretty much straight up stock (just a big front anti-roll bar, and R-compound tires).  Since then, he’s modified it forward to a much more responsive & aggressive drive – taking it to the more competitive SM2 class.  Ed, like other Miata owners I’ve talked to, says that these cars take so well to modifications.  Also, there’s lot’s a space to work in & around the engine bay.

A clean & roomy modified engine bay

Here’s a list of what Ed has done to his ride:

  • K & N cold air intake system
  • Bell supercharger with a Bell intercooler
  • modified/prototype BEGi™ (Bell Engineering Group, Inc.)Turbo (running @ 13 lbs. of boost) by Corky (who comes VERY highly recommended)
  • 2.5″ full stainless steel exhaust
  • Racing Beat muffler
  • and a special ECU chip he can modify with a laptop

Ed is still running on the same Kumho R-compound tires and wheels he did when he was running in stock class.  But he already has new wider (240mm) rubber that is simply waiting new, aggressive wheels to arrive from Australia.  The suspension is still stock.  That will be a further modification in the future.

Ed mentoned that once you step up to a higher performance class, there can be no end to the modifications and budget you can spend on.  He calls his Miata a “tuner car”.  Another driver suggested that when picking your class, try to choose what you can afford at the high end of that class.

During the morning and afternoon runs, Ed was running very competively.  I was able to go on a ride along with him.  Wow, that car is definately not stock.  And he still drives it  to and from work as his daily driver!  He eventually won his class, that day.

So, choose well grasshopper, that you won’t go off the budgetary deep end when advancing to a more modified class.  I guess you can word that differently and say:

Don’t bite off more than you can chew!

So at Racing Ready we advise you watch your autocross/racing budget.




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