Magnetic Finger, a Great Product

All of us tinker on our cars & other things around the house.  I’m sure you’ve been in the situation working with a small, critical metal part and lost it at that needed moment of engagement.  This same issue pestered Casper, while he was working up in the nether regions behind a dash of a vintage Corvette he owns.  After some trial & error, he came up with the TurnPro Magnetic Finger.


TurnPro Magnetic Finger 


I belong to a local inventors SIG (Special Interest Group).  We meet monthly and have a speaker who shares what he/she invented & the interesting trials & tribulations of getting his/her product to market.  Casper was the invited speaker a week ago, today.


He has had the best promotional value using specialty catalogs like Griot’s Garage & Herrington’s.  Besides the basic finger, he has a number of additional SKU’s, not unlike the Mechanix Gloves.  The Magnetic Finger would make a handy addition to anyone’s tool box, and also a great gift for the tinkerer who has everything – bet they don’t have one of these, yet!


 Magnetic Finger


For such a small magnet (neodymium type) they are very strong, easily holding a challenging to place bolt, washer or whatever.


Here at Racing Ready, if I find something that would be useful to the racing community, I see it as one of my duties to share it with you.



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