Continued Autocross Variety of Participation

It’s interesting to note the fascinating variety of cars and their owners who autocross.  As they say, it takes all kinds.  Although there were “only” 38 particiapants at last Sunday’s SASCA Autocross, there was still an interesting mix.

 Homebuilt \

First off was this mid-engined flat black car, called the Thompson Special Kairos.  Somebody said it looked sort of like a Ford GT40 – ish . . . hmmm.  I didn’t get a chance to talk to Derek, the owner/driver, nor his son.  The centerpiece of this vehicle was a Ford SHO (Super High Output) motor.

A mid-engined wonder

I overheard the following about this car:

  • it was built from scratch
  • it may have some VW chassis underpinnings
  • the driving position feautured one’s knees at about the same level as your shoulders (that didn’t look very comfortable)

If anyone knows more about this car, please let me know in the comments – thanks!

Next was the D.I.R.T. entry, from the “Dough Italian Racing Team”.  This was Tom’s modified 1991 Toyota MR2.  He said his boss, who runs a pizza place, is a major sponsor…


In the trunk was located this big intercooler, driven by a giant fan to pull through cooling air.

Huge intercooler in the trunk 

The engine seemed stock, enough – it wasn’t.  Besides the addition of a turbo, the engine block had been swapped.  Tom explained that this was a 2nd generation JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) block, like that which is used in the Canadian version of this model.

Lovely hoses & tubing...

Apparently there were fewer emissions controls, and with these lack of restrictions it puts out more power.  Tom thinks he’s conservatively putting out 215HP.

 All open for viewing

Last, but not least – age knows no limits in autocrossing.  These 2 guys were going back & forth, enjoying this fun Lotus Elise, alternating runs and having a great time.  Truely this is something to aspire to in life!!!

 Youthful inspiration!

I, too, am young at heart.  Nuturing Racing Ready is inspiring me to purse a formerly thought to be lost dream from my youth.  I hope it doing the same for you, dear reader!


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2 thoughts on “Continued Autocross Variety of Participation”

  1. The Kairos GT (my son prefers “special”), is indeed completely home built with a lot of custom engineering/fabrication. The body started life as a Fiberfab Avenger, but has been substantially modified to fit my custom chassis. The front half is 58 beetle with a heighth adjustible front beam, which explains the eagerness for plowing down cones. The spindles were modified to accept the SHO calipers, hubs, and rotors. The beetle gas tank was modified to take the SHO fuel sender. The brake pedal, master cylinder, booster, and proportioning valve, are first gen MR2. The rear sub frame and suspension are scratch built and home engineered to accept the SHO powertrain, and provide adjustable IRS. It tracks fairly predictably, but in hindsight leaves much to be desired. The car weighs about 2100 pounds. The SHO motor is a 3.0 v6 built by Yamaha for Ford with a 7400 RPM redline, and should theoretically put between 230 and 250 hp to the flywheel in it’s current state of tune.

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